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Why do I sweat so much?

It can be an incredibly frustrating, but don't worry, if you follow the steps outlined on our site, it can be easily treated.

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So, why is it I sweat so much?

It sucks, but it's me. Let me ask you, does anyone else if your family sweat as much as you? If they do, then it's genetics, if they don't then it could be something a lot more serious. If either of the above you should still take a quick ride down to your local doc's to find out what's up. Luckly for the more shy sole we've got a plethora of information for you to digest, the first question you should know this answer to is, why do i sweat? after this, you should continue reading.

Individuals sweat so as to control the temperatures of their bodies. Glands that are found on the surface of the skin release moisture on the skin. This process is known as sweating or perspiration. The water that is present in the sweat, the moment it gets released on the skin by the glands, vaporizes into the atmosphere a water vapor. However, for the water to evaporate, energy has to be present. This energy is gotten by retrieving energy in the form of heat from the skin. This is the way in which sweating gets to cool the body. This is also the reason as to why both cold and warm water makes us feel cool as it is evaporating from the body as we get out of the bathtub, pool or shower.

Why do I sweat so much is the question very many people are asking themselves today. AS a matter of fact, individuals who are very fit and live very active lifestyles sweat more profusely and easily than those who do not lead the same lifestyles. This is due to the fact that an athlete’s body is adapted to release a lot of sweat fast on demand to give the body a cooling effect in the course of vigorous activity. This goes to say that the answer to the question why do I sweat so much is so that your body can be able to maintain the right temperature. This is very vita due to the fact that a body that is overheated will break down very fast. Symptoms of this are visible when one has a very high fever, find more treatments of sweating here.

Despite the fact that a large number of people who ask the question why do I sweat so much are completely healthy, too much sweating could result from medical complications. Too much sweating could be as a result of side effects of medication one has prescribed for. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes and a large number of other illnesses could also be the answer to the question why do I sweat so much. There is a disease that is known as hyperhidrosis which is shown by nothing else other than overactive sweat glands. In the event that you hold the belief that you truly sweat too much, or that there is a possibility that there is an underlying psychological problem, it is vital that you consult your dermatologist or doctor as soon as you can.

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